When it comes to planning for CRM success, there’s a lot that goes into it, so it’s important that you prepare and map out your plan before you dive in head-first without a proper outline! You don’t want to scare your users away from the system before you get started. A successful CRM implementation, upgrade or project hinges on detailed preparation. In this on-demand webinar session, we will discuss the key factors around planning for CRM success.

Is your team planning for CRM success? How do you really know that you’re taking the proper steps to prepare for CRM success? Who will be responsible for your team’s success with CRM?

If these questions are all running across your mind, it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch this on-demand webinar to ease your CRM fears and set your team up for success. In this on-demand webinar, we cover:

  • How to assemble your project team
  • How to avoid project failures and pitfalls
  • The best practices for designing and deploying CRM
  • How to build a successful user adoption program and achieve high ROI
  • And more

These are all key considerations when it comes to planning for CRM success! Unpack how your organization can apply these factors when you tune in. Just tell us a little about yourself, and then start watching the webinar.

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