Dental Crafters finds a solution for ERP integration, consolidating data, and joining brands under one roof in Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners.

The Situation

Before approaching Ledgeview, Andrew Wilkins, General Manager at Dental Crafters, had a clear vision for a CRM Solution for Dental Crafters’ network of companies.

“Being new to the CRM game, we wanted to talk with a rep about our options, what our best fit would be, and how to overcome ERP integration hurdles,” Wilkins says.

With multiple companies to consider, Dental Crafters’ employees are essentially representing all brands at once – an important consideration for CRM implementation.

“We needed all companies under one CRM,” Wilkins said. “This was one challenge we couldn’t meet under our lab software or with Outlook, so we were looking for a consolidated database.”

They needed a more advanced tool that would easily allow inside and outside sales reps to see and input valuable information.

Anne Weiler, a Marketing Coordinator at Dental Crafters, says the company had been using ABS software, primarily on the manufacturing side, to log product and follow the production process until Salesforce.

“It wasn’t a true CRM system,” Weiler says. “There wasn’t a way for us to keep track of information … we were looking for a comprehensive system reflective of our business approach.”

Dental Crafters wanted a CRM system that would meet their production standards and act as an essential sales tool.

The Solution

Though Wilkins says Dental Crafters evaluated other CRM tools before selecting Salesforce, they ultimately decided on the system because it was more “practical in nature” for their business procedure and CRM goals. What really sold them on Salesforce was the seamless integration it offered with their new software, Labtrac.

Dental Crafters chose Ledgeview Partners to implement Salesforce after performing a simple Google Search that led them to Ledgeview. They gravitated towards Ledgeview due to shared “Wisconsin values.”

When the company was dealing directly with Salesforce, for example, the connection and understanding, though advanced, was not as bonded as it was with Ledgeview. Both parties shared a more localized dialogue.

After meeting a Ledgeview consultant at their CRM conference, Ledgeview provided insight and guidance to start the connection off smoothly.

“Ledgeview earned the account,” Wilkins says. “We got everything we paid for out of this partnership.”

Wilkins explains the feeling they got from Ledgeview ahead of committing to a contract was “carried forward as expected.”

“Ledgeview understood who we were and what we wanted to get done, Wilkins says. “There was always a quick solution.”

“Ledgeview was our lifeline,” Weiler says.

Now, more than 20% of Dental Crafters’ employees use Salesforce CRM. This impressive statistic is a reflection of how Dental Crafters uses Salesforce cross-departmentally. Salesforce has become a core part of their business procedure and success.

The Benefits

User Adoption did not happen overnight for the company, but occurred fluidly over time.

“Initially, it was another task,” Wilkins says. “But, over time, as people saw the capabilities with process builder, communicating internally, and other things, light bulbs started turning on a bit quicker.”

Challenges were not with using CRM, Weiler says, but realizing what information needed to be input into Salesforce. Weiler says training hurdles and refusals to use Salesforce were non-existent. Familiarizing and reminding themselves of Salesforce’s capacity were the only “tasks.”

Today, Dental Crafters’ business runs on a more customized dime with Pardot and Labtrac integrations into their Salesforce CRM Solution. With their Pardot program, in particular, Weiler has noticed a significant increase in email marketing engagement. With help from outside sales and educational seminars, their open rate has increased from 20 to 68% when nurtured in Salesforce.

“We are more cognizant of data collection,” Wilkins says. “We can leverage the data we have to more effectively target market than we have been in the past.”

They have truly solidified themselves as a prime resource and direct line to dentists with their personalized marketing efforts.

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About the Company

Founded in 1989, Dental Crafters has blossomed into a myriad of companies today with Dental Crafters as the hub and heart of its network  As a full-service laboratory, the company offers a range of restorative products including crowns, fixed and removable denture products and other unique dentistry products.

Sister companies Argon Dental USA, LLC. and Implant Solutions further fuel the brand’s mission to create and maintain strong customer relationships with dentists in the Northern half of the state of Wisconsin.

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“We take pride in our Central Wisconsin roots. We wanted a connection that shared our ideals and values.”

Andrew Wilkins, General Manager, Dental Crafters

“Having Ledgeview as partners through our CRM and Marketing Automation implementation was reassuring. It helped with our confidence. We knew Ledgeview was a phone call away.”

Andrew Wilkins, General Manager, Dental Crafters

“Our investment in Salesforce and Ledgeview has been returned quickly.”

Andrew Wilkins, General Manager, Dental Crafters
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