Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Between the Mobile Unified User Interface and Web Interface in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9.0, there are many differences.

Those worth paying special attention to include differences between:

  • Navigation
  • Timelines
  • Layout of Forms
  • Views
  • Dashboards
  • and Activities


With Navigation, you may be used to top-running Navigation in the Web Interface where you click on dropdown arrows and items pop up, and you’re able to click on various entities.

This is not the case with the Mobile App.

When you click on the three dotted lines, or “hamburger”, in the upper right corner of your screen, it will open up and you will see your various entities.

Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, etc. will pop-up and you will see the view.

Layout of Forms

Forms are very different between the Mobile UUI (Unified User Interface) and Web Interface.

Since the Mobile experience appears on much smaller devices, compared to laptops, the look is more compact.

You will see tabs at the top in the Web version, which you can condense and expand, but with Mobile, you will see them represented as highlights under “Summary” where you can click on them to pop them up and see details.

The way you get to “Related Records” is also different between the interfaces, so it will be a different piece on Mobile as to how things work together.

However, the experience is intuitive for users, so don’t worry about an extended adoption process. It is easy to adapt to the user experience via Mobile.


Views will simply look different on Mobile in terms of pinning records due to it being a more compact user experience.

(You can see this play out via the demo, below.)


Dashboards give users the ability to dig further into their information, and the differences, again, are best explained visually, which you can view via the demo included in this post, below.


Activities are represented by the Timeline in the Mobile Experience, so they will appear in chronological order via the Mobile experience, allowing you to filter by what’s important to you, unlike the Web version’s Social Pane experience.

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See what you learned in this post come to life when you watch the demo, below.

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