Dot Foods using SalesforceIn our Ledgeview blog we love to share news about the value and benefits of CRM, specific tips and tricks to help users more effectively utilize Salesforce, insight into upcoming events (like the Salesforce World Tour, Dreamforce & more) and highlight success that companies are seeing from implementing Salesforce.

As a marketing guy, I love a good CRM success story (and sharing those stories). Especially when it relates to the success that our customers are experiencing with customer relationship management tools like Salesforce.

Dot Foods®, founded in 1960 has grown over the last 55 years to over $5.5 billion in annual sales serving large food distributors, wholesale grocery chains, convenience stores and many other.

But most surprising was that up until just 3 years ago, all their customer data was in the form of a decentralized collection of excel spreadsheets, word documents and paper notes. Sound familiar at all?

Well, they realized it was time to find a solution to this growing challenge and a partner to help them define a strategy that will produce results – their search brought them to Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners.

I invite you to read our case study (a quick 3-4 minute read) on how the nation’s first, and largest, food redistributor partnered with Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners to consolidate its customer data, streamline its sales processes, and spur adoption of best practices across its vast sales force.

Since working with Ledgeview Partners to implement Salesforce CRM, Dot Foods® has experienced a tremendous return on their investment in the form of time savings and focus on opportunities. Kevin Baum, Customer Marketing Manager at Dot Foods® explains, “Our sales reps used to take about an hour to prepare for a sales call. With Salesforce, we’ve reduced that work to the push of a button.”

That is just one of many benefits they have experienced since implementing Salesforce. Learn more about Dot Foods® and how Salesforce has become a key company asset driving new opportunities and increasing revenue.


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