CRMUG Ledgeview PartnersAt Ledgeview Partners we love to ask organizations what their biggest CRM challenge is. While we get a wide variety of answers, every year the #1 challenge is User Adoption. This challenge is not exclusive to the size of a company, a region, or an industry.

Ledgeview does provide a lot of resources for Microsoft Dynamics Users and Administrators. From our webinars and video how to tips, to this blog, monthly user groups and customer training options, we love to provide resources that will help companies of all sizes, in all regions, and across all industries strive for 100% user adoption of CRM.

One other resource that we LOVE, participate in regularly, and feel that all companies that have Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM should consider joining is the Dynamics Communities.

D365UG/CRMUG is a community of professionals, like you, using Dynamics 365 & CRM. The user group brings users to the forefront of technology problem solving by allowing them to share their ideas and solutions.

Tens of thousands of users call this community home and utilize the following resources to exchange knowledge, exhibit leadership, explore solutions and expand their networks:

D365UG/CRMUG is an important information source for all users of Dynamics 365 & CRM. The cost-effective organizational membership allows all Dynamics users in your organization to get involved and experience the value of a community powered by users for users.

To make it even easier to join and cost effective, as a D365UG/CRMUG Partner Member, we are offering you a 10% discount.

Upon joining please enter the following code to receive the discount: PRP16Ledgeview Partners

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