As with any business, when your sales team is working opportunities or closing a deal, there are people within the company that would like to track or be notified when an opportunity has been sold or closed (even if lost).

Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM you have the ability to do this via a workflow which can be triggered based on a certain field or status that we can define to indicate that the email should be sent out.

First off let’s go ahead and set up our workflow in Dynamics CRM:

1. Navigate to Settings->Processes

2. In the top left corner click on the button called “New”

3. Begin by naming your process mine will be called “Won Opportunity Email Alert”

4. The Category will be a workflow

5. Entity will be Opportunity

Workflow email 1

1. We need to change the scope of the workflow to be set to run by organization. We do this instead of the default option of user as the user default makes it so that only the person creating the workflow can run it; by setting it to be organization we are allowing anyone to trigger the workflow.Workflow email 2

2. The last piece to decide is whether or not you want this to run as a real-time workflow or a background workflow. With an email alert it is usually not critical to run as real-time since the email will take a little bit of time to send so I will leave this as a background workflow.Workflow email 3

Now we will setup the actual email that will be sent in Dynamics CRM.

1. Start by selecting the drop down that is labeled Add Step.Workflow email 4

2. From there select Check Condition as we are going to want to send the email out only when the status of the opportunity has become Won. In the IF statement that has been created click the blue link that reads (click to configure).

Workflow email 5

3. Now on the Specify Condition popup click select and choose Opportunity as this is the entity we are running the workflow on.

4. Again click the next Select link and choose Status

5. On the next Select link choose Equals

6. On the last Select link click the ellipse and choose Won and then click save and close in the upper left corner of the popup

Workflow email 6

7. Now click on the area where it says Select this row and click Add Step

8. Select Send Email and for this example I am going to use the Create New Message option instead of the use Template Option because I want to create one from scratch. At this point I went ahead and named the step as well so that if I ever add any other

Workflow email 7

9. Click Set Properties and the email form will pop up and we can begin to design out what our email is going to look like

Email Configuration

10. From: line I am going to make this appear to come from the Owner of the Opportunity

11. To: line I am going to click on the eye glass and select the actual users that this email is going to be sent to

12. Subject: line I am going to configure this to have the Opportunity Name

13. Description: box I want to make sure that I am providing enough detail to the sponsors so that they exactly what the opportunity was for and how much revenue was won.

Workflow email 8

Now that your Won Opportunity email has been configured we need to activate our workflow and we are complete and can run through a test to ensure that the email fires.


1. Create an Opportunity and add the required information as well as ensure that there is an Est. Revenue entered and save the record.

2. Go to the top of the Screen and Click Close as Won. This will trigger the email to be sent.

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