In Microsoft Dynamics CRM you may occasionally need to create a new field that is a hyperlink to open another type of software.

For instance maybe a to a URL/Website, Phone (Skype), or email (Outlook). For Dynamics CRM Admins, there is actually a very simple customization process to create this new field so when you click on the hyperlink in Dynamics CRM, you are automatically sent to your new hyperlink/software.

Here is how to do it:

1. Go to Settings

2. Under Settings go to Customizations

3. Select a Solution or Customize the System

4. Go to the entity you wish to add the field to.

5. Go to Fields

6. Select New

7. Fill out required information

8. Under Data Type, Select Single Line of Text

9. Under Format, Select the appropriate Type


10. Save the new field.

11. Put the field on a form.

12. Publish customizations

This process has the text entered into the field to be checked in the case of an e-mail for proper formatting, but turns all of the fields into the hyperlinks to open additional software to complete a task.

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