Training Resource GuideMicrosoft Dynamics CRM is an amazing business tool – if you know how to use it. If you type “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training” into any of your internet search engines that results are all over the board. You will find an insanely long list of webinars, classes, seminars, blogs, videos, white papers, websites, discussion forums, and the list goes on and on.

But which sources are reliable? Is that post from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner? A CRM MVP? Or just someone who penned a guest blog about Dynamics CRM and doesn’t actually know anything about it? Are they trying to help me or sell to me?

Whether you are new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and looking to get started on your CRM guru path or a CRM veteran and want a handy book of resources for those hard to answer questions, our good friends at ClickDimensions have assembled an amazing free Training Resource Guide to help you sort through all the online noise.

This 29-page eBook will introduce resources and products to users that they may have not known were available. It contains direct links to resources like eBooks, webinars, discussion forums, classroom training, certifications and more. How many times during the day when you do a search do you click on links that you think will be ‘the one with the answer’ just to find a dead end? Frustrating huh?

If you are an Administrator, Developer, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Social or Technical user this guide will accelerate your CRM learning and save you time in finding the answers you need. I downloaded it and just keep the PDF handy as a go-to fast and handy reference.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. But of course your very best Dynamics CRM reference is right here at Ledgeview Partners.

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