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Often times in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 you will have data that you want to populate fields automatically if you already have entered the data in Dynamics.

This can be accomplished by setting up a simple workflow that will allow data that is entered in one field to show up in another field.

Below are the steps and example how to create this workflow. 

  • Create your workflow and call it whatever you would like. I chose “Account to Contact Composite Address Mapping” for the exercise.
  • Make sure to select workflow in the category field and for this demo I chose contact as the entity since we will be bringing the account fields onto the contact.
  • Also make sure to create this as a new blank process.

Mapping 1

  • Once you click save first go ahead and change to a real time workflow, check the box to run as an on demand process and make sure that the check boxes are checked for Record is created and Record field changes. You will want to select the Account or Company name field as the field to flag as the record change so that the workflow pulls in the new address if you change the account or company name after the record is originally created.

Mapping 2

  • Next you will want to map the fields. In the work area at the bottom of the workflow process click add step and select Update Record.
  • For the entity to update select Contact.

Mapping 3

  • No click set properties, scroll down to the additional fields and and begin mapping all of the Address 1: fields that you will need to be populated. Since the Composite out of the box functionality only consists of a subset of the fields available you only need to map the ones that will actually be populated.

Mapping 4

  • Activate the workflow.
  • Go ahead and create a new contact record and once you select an Account and hit save the Composite Address should populate.

Mapping 5

This workflow tip will save you valuable time wasted in re-entering in information you already have in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365.

Let’s face it, no one likes doing more work than they need to. Especially entering in information you already have.

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