If you are a Salesforce Developer, chances are you have experienced writing that long, tedious formula in Salesforce, only to see that dreaded red error message with something like “Syntax error, Found ‘)’” or “Incorrect number of parameters for function ‘IF()’, Expected 3, received 2” when you click on the Check Syntax button?

Do you ever wish there was an easier way to work on and review formulas? Well, of course you do.

Introducing the Salesforce Enhanced Formula Editor extension to the rescue!

If you’re using Chrome and work with formulas, this is a must-have extension.

Salesforce Enhanced Formula editor

The Enhanced Formula Editor adds much-needed functionality to the Salesforce formula editor, like color-coding functions and operators, tabbing, matching parenthesis, find-and-replace capability, changing your font size for ease of readability, disable word-wrapping, and full screen editing.

Not only that, but the Enhanced Formula Editor will even load the details of every field referenced in your formula and allow you to test the formula out on a record ID, all before saving!

Salesforce Formulas

You can either search for the extension in the Chrome Web Store, or simply follow our link directly to the extension in the web store.

Once added to Chrome, locate and edit a formula field in your Salesforce instance and try out your new editor!

>> Get the Salesforce Enhanced Formula Editor

With this short video (3:10 minutes) you can see a quick overview of the formula editor.

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