In the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release, there were two major changes that happened with Email:

  1. The ability to go through and search for emails — Salesforce changed that and started indexing content.
  2. The ability to spin up a new contact or lead from emails when you don’t already have them in the system.

Email Enhancements in the Salesforce Spring '18 Release

Email Enhancements in the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release

Searching within Salesforce was quite a change in the Spring ’18 Release.

In the past, you could store emails, or push them up in Salesforce. Despite the fact that information came in from cases or back-and-forth communications, it was not available in Salesforce Classic.

You could search for the original information email, sure, because that was usually stored in the subject or body if it was an “Email a Case” scenario. Although the following correspondences weren’t indexed. Now, that’s all been changed!

Salesforce now looks at the BCC address, the CC, who it’s been sent from, the subject, and the text body that’s behind that. It’s all indexed in Global Search now.

If you know something was discussed and it was part of the case, but it’s not part of the case content itself, you can still search as if it’s in that email as long as it’s in the body of the email.

Salesforce will pull that email message up, so you can go into the subject and work your way backward, whether it’s linked to your Account, Contact, Case, Lead, etc. You can work your way back to get to the data you need to do your job in Salesforce.

Email Enhancements in the Salesforce Spring '18 Release

Email Enhancements in the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release

The second enhancement revolves around the creation of new data.

Most Salesforce Users despised the “Quick Create” option in Classic.

The reason for this vast shared feeling of disdain among Users was because “Quick Create” did not abide by validation rules, nor did it abide by the requirements of page layouts. It had its own layout that you could not modify.

Most Users were going in and immediately turning this function off because all it did was lose data quality or cause further issues.

Now, with the Lightning for Outlook Plugin that ties into your Outlook Client, Salesforce has resurfaced that, but in the right way that was always intended! (Insert your sighs of relief here, Salesforce Users.)

When you open an email and view it, and Salesforce connects through Outlook, but can’t find a match, it will show you the “From” individual’s name and ask you to add it to Salesforce.

From there, you can add the name as a Lead, Contact, etc. and, if you have the person’s account enabled, it will ask about that, then bring up the page layout respective to your visibility and rights, but with all the requirements and validation rules running and set.

Essentially, it is taking what used to be “Quick Create,” and doing it correctly. It allows you to go in and immediately spin up a Lead or Contact, whether they’ve found you via a Webinar, on LinkedIn, etc.

You can easily do this with a couple of clicks and inputting a few tidbits of information.

This upgrade checks all the marks you didn’t have with “Quick Create.” Jumping around is eliminated completely.

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