captureA Dynamics 365/CRM Dashboard only supports up to 6 frames. Frames can be Charts, Lists, Social Insights, Web Resources, or iFrames. iFrames can contain entire Dashboards. The process of using an iFrame to place a Dashboard inside of another Dashboard is called embedding a Dashboard. This process allows a Dashboard to support more than 6 frames! You will need customization privileges in Dynamics 365 to do this, if you don’t just contact your admin for assistance!

How to embed a Dashboard

Copy this text and paste it into notepad or another text editor: https:///dashboards/dashboard.aspx?dashboardid=%7b%7d&dashboardType=1030&pagemode=iframe


1. Copy the organization’s URL

This is usually the same for all pages in the organization.


2. Paste that into the text editor



3. Copy the Dashboard GUID

a. Navigate to the Dashboard you want to place inside of another Dashboard




Any Dashboard will do. Double click it to open up the edit screen.


b. Copy the Dashboard GUID

It will consist of capital letters, numbers, and dashes: ????????-????-????-????????????


4. Paste that into the text editor


Your URL is now ready to be used in an iFrame.

5. Copy the url you created


6. Open up the edit screen for the Dashboard you want to place another Dashboard inside of

You can also create a new one. This tutorial will not cover creating new Dashboards.



Any Dashboard will do. Double click it to open up the edit screen.


7. Add an iFrame where you want to add a Dashboard. It sometimes makes sense to pick a frame that goes all the way across the webpage. This will provide ample room to embed a Dashboard with multiple Charts next to each other.


8. Create the iFrame

a. Name it, paste the URL, make sure that Restrict cross-frame scripting, where supported. Is unchecked, and Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters. Is unchecked.


b. Click OK.

9. Expand the Height and Width of the frame as necessary. If this is your first time embedding a Dashboard, then this may take some trial and error. You may have to increase the Height or Width many times. If you chose a frame that goes all of the way across a webpage, then you will not be able to increase the Width.


10. Save the Dashboard


11. Navigate back to the Solution and Publish.


12. Enjoy your new Dashboard!

For more technical Dynamics 365/CRM tips and tricks like the one posted today, be sure to visit our archive of technical blog posts here, be sure to share them with your admin!

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