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Marketing Automation TipsAre you new to the power of marketing automation systems, and do you wonder what value they can provide your business?

Though it might look overwhelming to new users, the experts at Ledgeview Partners can help you hit the ground running with marketing automation.

If you have CRM, you need marketing automation too. It’s a common misconception in the industry that if you have one, you don’t need the other, but let us be clear – you need both to be successful in the digital, client relationship management spheres.

There are many marketing automation tools to choose from. Some names you may find familiar are Act-On, HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM user, you may also be familiar with ClickDimensions, a tool only Dynamics users can integrate into their CRM systems.

What they all have in common is that they provide an automated, streamlined, personalized way to develop and deliver your marketing strategy to the right audience.

Ledgeview encourages you to think of marketing automation as if it’s an all-inclusive resort. Think of an all-inclusive resort. It includes your airfare, lodging, food, and drinks, without you having to worry about going off location for a meal or have your wallet with you while you’re out.

Marketing automation is similar in that it includes all (or most of) the tools you need to properly execute your marketing strategy.

A good marketing automation system will eliminate the need for your organization to purchase an outside email program, another for social, another for web tracking, etc.

The right marketing automation system should be an all-inclusive marketing package and experience for your organization and customers.

How do you truly harness the power of marketing automation to better your business?

If you are ready to increase sales and learn how to harness the power of your marketing automation system, integration with CRM, and other digital assets, download the full eBook here.

Ledgeview’s free resource eBook, “Harnessing the Power of Marketing Automation,” guides you through, covering how to increase traffic to your digital assets, convert visitors to leads, nurture leads, and, eventually, convert leads to sales.

When it comes to ROI, marketing automation can really amplify your success as an organization.

Harnessing the Power of Marketing Automation

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