End of Life: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Service Set to Be Discontinued in May 2018

Marketing Automation - Ledgeview PartnersThe great expectations that Microsoft had for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) will never be realized – and it is time for users to move on. After the announcement in October of 2016 that MDM will no longer be sold to new customers, they have put an “end of life” on the service for MDM as well.

If you are an MDM user and have not started your search for a new solution, now is the time to get the wheels moving. Starting October 1,  2017 Microsoft will no longer charge a monthly subscription fee for MDM, including those subscribers that add users, and support packages will stay in effect until May 15, 2018.

That is when, as they put it, “the lights go out”.

Rest in Peace MDM.

While some may have fond memories and will be sad with the demise of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (or perhaps now because they have more work to recreate all their marketing programs in another solution) – it is time to put a smile on your face because you get to select a NEW marketing automation solution!

As you look for a new tool for your marketing toolbox, you will find no shortage of options.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM enterprise customers, Microsoft is recommending Adobe Marketing Cloud. For SMB’s the Dynamics 365 for Marketing product is not quite ready for release (targeting a spring 2018 release) so seeking a third party product may be in your best interest if time does not allow you to “wait and see”.

If you enlist the assistance of a Dynamics Partner (like Ledgeview Partners) they (we) can assist you in evaluating solutions that will be a fit for your organization.

To get you started, here are two solutions we recommend that you take a look at (and we do have on-demand demo links for each listed below).


ClickDimensions lives right within Microsoft Dynamics so users never leave the platform when they use this marketing tool. When it comes to integration, it doesn’t get any tighter than ClickDimensions. Using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Advanced Find feature you can build any marketing list and create any views from all that data stored in CRM. This allows you to gain a better understanding and leverage how your leads, prospects, and customers are engaging with you through emails, page views, form submissions, and much much more.

Check out this on-demand demo of ClickDimensions to learn more.



Act-On is a web-based online solution that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 that provides an easy, automatic bi-directional synchronization of your data. This allows the sales team to easily go into Dynamics to see what a lead, prospect, or customer has been looking at, emails they have opened, search results, form downloads, lead score and much more. It also offers the flexibility of access via the Act-On portal for users that may not need to utilize a license for Microsoft Dynamics or feel more comfortable outside of CRM. From dynamic content and progressive profiling, Act-On has a full load of features that marketers will get excited about.

Check out this on-demand demo of Act-On to learn more.


Not sure which solution is right for you? There are many others beyond these. Contact Ledgeview Partners and we will help you find the best solution for your organization.

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