Endries International looks to Ledgeview Partners as experts in upgrading and enhancing their CRM solution.

The Situation

Related imageIn order to effectively manage the 600,000 SKUs the company inventories, and provide excellent customer and engineering support to their international customer base, Endries adopted Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM solution a long time ago. They have continuously invested in customization, training, and upgrades as the years have passed; and ever since 2012, they have looked to Ledgeview Partners to guide them in enhancing their Microsoft Dynamics system.

Since that initial project, Eickert has continued to work with Ledgeview Partners, taking advantage of their support services and educational resources. As the current chair of her local CRM user group, Eickert appreciates Ledgeview’s focus on education, and their willingness to share their expertise.

“They’re great at sharing information, which helps all of us better understand Microsoft Dynamics 365. Ledgeview is really a voice for CRM. They live it and breathe it, and they use it in their own day-to-day operations,” Eickert says.

The Solution

Ledgeview has walked Endries through the past few upgrades with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

As their business has grown, Endries’s CRM has evolved over time. It started as a sales tool, but growing quickly came from the company’s support areas: Accounting, Engineering, and Quality. Today, Endries has a true 360-degree view of their customers. Engineers who consult with customers to help them spec different parts when possible to reduce costs, track the money they’ve saved customers and review those results with their customers. Endries says they have received feedback from their customers that this is an impressive part of their process.

From a customer perspective, Endries, with the help of Ledgeview Partners, is able to provide direct access to key customers, allowing them to have complete access to all of their contacts within Endries. The role Microsoft Dynamics 365 has continues to evolve at Endries.

The Benefits

Endries appreciates the longevity of Ledgeview’s partnership, as well as its sustained and constantly evolving quality.

As Endries and Ledgeview enter their sixth year of partnership, the trust that has been established between the two companies provides a foundation for bold exploration of what’s possible. Endries has expanded Dynamics 365 to include over two-hundred active users now, and with the support of Ledgeview Partners, they can continue to grow that number and leverage Microsoft Dynamics even further to provide superlative support.

Is your organization ready to implement a CRM solution that will evolve and grow with your business over time? Give Ledgeview a call. Consultants are ready to help you meet your goals.

About the Company

Related imageEndries International, Inc. has a great record of accomplishment. The company was founded almost fifty years ago in Bob Endries’s basement, selling fasteners to original equipment manufacturers. However, the business didn’t stay in the basement for long. Over the next several decades, Endries flourished, expanding to support more industry segments and growing its reach internationally. Today, the company manages over 600,000 SKU’s for its customers and operates out of a 225,000 square foot headquarters based in Brillion, Wisconsin.

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Ledgeview Partners took the time to understand our world and what we’re trying to accomplish. That was key. They kept the project on task, understood the technological infrastructure needed to achieve our goals, and were super responsive to our needs and questions. They were completely reliable. They just never dropped the ball.

Sharon Eickert, Training Coordinator II & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Lead, Endries International

Whenever we get into a foggy situation, Ledgeview is there to guide us through it. We can count on them, and we know they’ll rearrange things and bend over backward to keep the project on schedule. We trust that they’ll provide guidance and do what’s right for us.

Sharon Eickert, Training Coordinator II & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Lead, Endries International

Ledgeview meets with me annually to assess where things are heading. We talk through what might be good next steps and collaborate on objectives for future upgrades. The support service is great too. The people are really good, and they tailor who handles our cases based on their expertise. They make sure to get us into the best hands.

Sharon Eickert, Training Coordinator II & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Lead, Endries International

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