Dynamics 365 Tips Tricks and Best PracticesLearning how to follow records in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can increase your efficiency by allowing you to easily track activities (in real time) by leads, accounts, contacts, etc.

For instance, if one of your customers is having various issues and you want to be able to see each support case that has been created or resolved in real time, following that customer’s record in CRM allows you to see all the information in your activity feed.

This can be helpful when making sure you and the right people within your organization are staying updated on any issues that may be occurring with your customers.

Following a record in Dynamics 365/CRM is also useful when you are working on a new sales lead (or a member of your team is) and want to be able to follow all the activities the lead has in CRM.

This can be important in making sure you are spending your valuable time on the leads that are most active.

By following records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will be able to see all the activities a lead, account, or other record has within your system – giving you updated information when dealing with sales, marketing and customer service for those particular records.

Following a lead (or any record) is easy – in this example we will show you how to follow a lead.

  • Navigate to Sales, then to a Lead, and click the More Commands ellipses (…) in the command bar.
  • Select Follow from the list

Follow Customer Actions Dynamics 365

  • Updates to the records you are following will display in the What’s New area of Dynamics 365/CRM
    • Navigate to Sales, then ‘What’s New’
    • Posts can be filter on your personal wall by selecting a particular view.
      • Click on All Records to select a different view
    • Once the view is selected the posts will be restricted to only posts about the view.

Follow Customer Actions Dynamics 365

Follow Customer Actions Dynamics 365

  • Each user can select records to follow, but the limit is 500 records
  • To unfollow a record, simply go to the record and click the More Commands ellipses (…) in the command bar. Then click Unfollow.
    • You can also bulk unfollow records by opening the ‘Leads I Follow’ view, selecting the appropriate records, and clicking unfollow in the More Commands ellipses (…) in the command bar.

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