Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Credit: Microsoft, 2020

Forms Pro is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, and it’s more than just a name change!

The first thing users should know is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is separate from Forms Pro. It is a whole new product.

At this time, all Microsoft Dynamics 365 users should be on Customer Voice. If you were using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Forms Pro, you were automatically transitioned to Customer Voice through August 2020.

So, if you haven’t used Forms Pro in a while, it’s time to dive back into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and see the update to Customer Voice. None of your surveys, invitations, or responses will have been lost from Forms Pro to Customer Voice. Microsoft ensures a seamless transition.

None of your Forms Pro data is lost.

The biggest difference you’ll see, according to Microsoft, is that Customer Voice is more project-focused than Forms Pro.

With Customer Voice, users are able to:

  • Capture feedback immediately
    • Quickly collect input with ready-to-use templates
    • Create personalized surveys with ease
    • Gather timely feedback on your preferred communication channel
  • Integrate data to gain deeper insights
    • Connect feedback with customer information continuously
    • Gain contextual insights
    • Engage your audience at the right time
  • Take action based on real-time feedback
    • Track the information that matters most to your business
    • Respond in real-time
    • Close the customer-feedback loop in a timely fashion

Surveys are no longer just individual entities with Customer Voice. Multiple surveys and branching rules and variables can be tied to surveys or projects. Responses can be analyzed and reviewed at the project level by customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), net promoter scores or sentiments, or at the individual level.

Customer Voice is still included with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise licenses.

See what’s possible with Customer Voice in this quick demo from Microsoft.

Our team can help to support you with the transition from Forms Pro to Customer Voice.

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