The Future of Salesforce with Einstein!

Einstein is the future of Salesforce! If you’ve been following the Summer ‘17 release, or attended the World tour in Chicago, Einstein should be familiar to you.

However, if you haven’t heard Salesforce’s big news, Einstein is the native Salesforce artificial intelligence tool.

I’m sure you’re familiar with other artificial intelligence tools – Apple’s Siri, Facebook’s face recognition, and Spotify’s music preference recognition. Einstein is forging a path in the CRM world to follow in these great footsteps.

Below are a few highlights and an illustration.

  • Sales Cloud: Predictive Lead Scoring and Opportunity Insight
  • Service Cloud: Recommended Responses and Predictive Close Time
  • Einstein Analytics: Automated Analytics and Predictive Wave Apps

Salesforce Einstein


As you can see, Einstein will have a presence in every sector of Salesforce. This will be a big win for businesses using Einstein services to help predict their business outcomes.

Salesforce has a research group to continually vet out data enhance Einstein. The data being used is from their large customer base and interactions with enterprises. It provides a good metadata base that customers then tailor with their own.

There will be loads more of information to come in the near future with Einstein. If you have additional questions or want to chat to see if Einstein is a good option for your business reach out to Ledgeview and we can help.

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