Salesforce Lightning

With the Spring ’18 release, Salesforce puts you, the user, in the driver’s seat for how you want to work.

Maybe you have an #AwesomeAdmin that works for your company, and maybe you don’t. Regardless of how they thought you might want to use Lightning, you have the ability to temporarily or permanently add new items to your navigation menu, reorder them, and even rename them.

We’re not just talking about objects either, like you could do with Classic. In Lightning, you can add things like a Dashboard, or a Report, or even a specific record to your menu.

Think of these as the new Lightning Favorites, ELECTRIFIED!

How can you take advantage of this awesomeness?

To add an object to your menu while in Lightning, use the “waffle” icon on the far left of the menu to open the App Launcher.

At the bottom of the App Launcher is a section titled “All Items,” which lists out all of the objects to you have access to.

Click on one of the objects that is not currently in your main navigation menu.

Once the object opens, it will also add itself temporarily to the end of your main navigation menu with an asterisk (*).

It’s important to understand that once you log out of Salesforce or navigate to another app, these temporary tabs will be removed from your navigation menu.

Salesforce Tips and Tricks

To make this object a persistent tab in your menu, click on the drop-down arrow and select “+ Add to Nav Bar”.  Voila! Your temporary menu item just became part of your personalized menu.

Salesforce Lightning

So far, we’ve only explained how to do this with objects, but you can also add more detailed items to your menu, like a specific report or a dashboard or an individual record.

To do this, navigate to the record that you want to add to your menu.

Once on the individual record, use the drop-down arrow next to the menu item again, which is now highlighted, only this time select “+ Open in New Tab”.

This action will open the record into its own temporary menu item.

Salesforce Lightning

If you would prefer that this menu item is persistent in your personalized menu, use the drop-down arrow and select “+ Add to Nav Bar”.

Salesforce Lightning

Last, you can rearrange not only the default menu items that were assigned to you from your admin, but also your personalized menu items, and even rename them.

On the far right side of your menu, locate the pencil icon and click on it.

Salesforce Lightning

This will bring up an Edit window that will allow you to reorder your menu items with drag and drop, as well as edit the names of the personalized items that point to records.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning

Do you want to become a Salesforce #AwesomeAdmin?

Join us for our Salesforce User Group webinars, and soon you’ll be able to add the title to your resume! 

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