With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 comes the release of some tremendous mobile functionality from Microsoft that is included in the price of every CRM subscription and user license.

Microsoft has released CRM for Tablets with CRM 2013 and it is supported both on Windows 8 devices as well as the iPad 3 and 4 – which must also be running min of iOS 6.  The new, free app to access your CRM offers a fantastic touch-first experience that each user will immediately love.  During our internal testing, we discovered that the CRM for Tablets app does function on older iPad models with the exception of the original iPad (1) but are just not officially supported by Microsoft, so if you are still on an iPad 2 or have a mini, there is no need to upgrade your device just yet. If you are an Android tablet user, that device app is on the road map for a 2014 release. In accessing your CRM via a native tablet application, Microsoft wanted to ensure that the user experience was the same across all tablet devices – whether that tablet is Windows 8, iOS or (in the near future) Android based.

Getting Started with CRM for TabletsWhere do I find the CRM for Tablets app?
The tablet app for Windows 8 tablets, such as the Surface, is available for free download directly from the Windows 8 Marketplace, and for you iPad users, you can simply visit the Apple App Store. Searching for the app, downloading the app and getting logged in is less than a two minute process. If you know how to download an app (any app) and can log in into your CRM account, you will be up and running on CRM for Tablets in no time at all!

Online vs On-Premise
At this time, if you are operating Dynamics CRM 2013 – Online version,  the CRM for Tablets app is supported with both Office 365 and Live ID authentication. If you will be deploying or upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for On-Premise, an IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) is required to utilize the app.

One Dashboard Fits All
Once you are logged in, you are brought right into your main screen, which Microsoft has named “Sales Dashboard,” but that title/name can be customized on an organizational level by your administrator.  This first release of CRM for Tablets from Microsoft really focuses on functionality as it relates to the mobile sales person – hence the main dashboard titled “Sales Dashboard.” You will notice that this app layout and navigation is different from any CRM app you have seen before.  The design is fast and fluid. By streamlining the design in a left to right panorama view, the user can easily see what they need to do, accomplishing their tasks quickly and easily.

Getting Started with CRM for Tablets

On the home screen, or “Sales Dashboard” your CRM Admin can configure the six components to the best combination of interactive charts and lists from any of your entities that you have enabled for mobile and select the order in which they appear. The default view that is created will be consistent for all users, regardless of roles but records and charts that are viewable are determined by each user’s security access. Each mobile user will be able to easily access multiple lists and interactive charts within each of the six grids available that makes accessing data they need easy to view, create and update.

If you want to learn more about CRM for Tablets, Ledgeview Partners will be hosting a free webcast on Wednesday, November 20th at 10:30am CST. Visit http://tinyurl.com/osdo9v3 for more details and to register. LP

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