Hampel Oil Distributors, Inc., a leading petroleum marketer based in Kansas, chose Ledgeview Partners’ CRM for Oil & Gas, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to consolidate their customer data, providing a clearer picture of their customers’ businesses and needs.

The Situation

Hampel Oil Distributors, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Al Hampel. Al began his career with Standard Oil in 1946, and opened Hampel Oil when Amoco approached him about becoming an independent distributor for their products. Today, Hampel Oil serves the oil and gas, agriculture and construction/industrial/automotive industries.

Since its founding, Hampel Oil has expanded to serve customers in ten states through sixteen branch locations. What hasn’t changed over the company’s forty years in business is the fact that it’s still one-hundred percent family owned. Al’s four sons currently own and operate the business, along with ten out of their twelve children. Hampel Oil is proud to be family owned. In fact, they consider that to be a key advantage. Staci Terstriep, one of Al’s granddaughters and the Marketing Operations Manager, puts it this way, “We want to stay a family owned business because we believe we can have better relationships with our customers. We are in complete control of our daily operations, and because of this we can be extremely responsive to our customers’ immediate needs.”

Hampel Oil has always been focused on providing exceptional service for their customers, at times following some of their customers to new states in order to provide continuity of service. Five years ago, Hampel Oil began working with Chevron. As part of their partnership, Hampel Oil completed Chevron’s Project Transform, and it opened their eyes to a huge opportunity — CRM.


Hampel Oil, at that time, was managing customer relationships through a scattered collection of spreadsheets and personal address books. Not only did that pose a huge risk for the business — their data was not really their own — but it got them thinking about how much faster they could be responding to customer needs if they had more access to information. They began to realize they were missing opportunities with existing customers. They discovered they weren’t able to quickly view customer activity to understand what they had been ordering, or more importantly, what they hadn’t been ordering and probably needed.

Terstriep explained that as Hampel Oil went through the Project Transform process, they knew they were going to make a move to implement CRM. They started looking into some of the available options from Sage, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

As they were doing their research, Terstriep and some of her team members had the opportunity to attend a presentation of Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, presented by Steve Reybrock as part of their Project Transform training.

Terstriep describes their reaction to the presentation:“After seeing Ledgeview present at the meeting, we really started thinking seriously about choosing Ledgeview because they already had an Oil and Gas product. We knew if we went to Ledgeview they’d be able to help us more efficiently because of their industry knowledge and their customized CRM product. The dashboards were a big thing to us, and their industry experience put us at ease and made us feel comfortable.”

The Solution

Ledgeview Partners worked with Terstriep and her eight-person team, as well as with Hampel Oil’s internal IT department, to configure, install and deploy an internally hosted version of Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas. The immediate focus was to migrate all of their data into the new system, creating a central hub for contact information, sales activity, and financial data.

Once that was completed, the challenge was to get buy-in and encourage user adoption among the companies many territory managers. The territory managers are a diverse group of individuals representing a wide array of ages and technical understanding. This did not discourage Terstriep. One of the reasons they had chosen Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas was because it was so simple to use. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Terstriep felt that the system was streamlined and intuitive. She characterizes it in this way:

“Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas was easy to use and very simple for us. Ledgeview made it very user-friendly. A lot of our territory managers are younger and are comfortable with technology, but some are older and not as comfortable. Those reps were concerned they wouldn’t be able to figure the system out, or that it would slow them down. But that wasn’t the case. The buy-in has been really great!”

With a new CRM system in place and great user adoption, Hampel Oil could now get a dynamic, detailed and accurate picture of their pipeline for the first time. The company started looking at Share of Wallet, something they never did before CRM because they really couldn’t get at the information. Territory managers started using Ledgeview Partners’ iPad app in the field with customers to access detailed data about sales activity and open opportunities, helping them provide better answers faster.

The Benefits

Hampel Oil has been using their new CRM system for over a year now, and while they’re still in “adoption and training mode,” Terstriep’s excited about the system’s impact on the business. She explains:

“We wanted all our territory managers to be able to access data for all of their customers — all open opportunities, purchase details, and communication activity. The only way to do that before Ledgeview’s CRM product was to ask someone for a report. To get a report out of SAP would take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes for each request. The savings in time spent pulling information adds up pretty quickly, not to mention how much it improves our service to our customers by being able to access that same detailed information on-site out in the field instantly.”

Hampel Oil’s focusing on developing even more reporting that will help them analyze customer data to improve their customer relationships. They’ve also realized how valuable dashboards and reports are as tools for internal coaching. They’ve started providing regular coaching to their territory managers based on the information available through the new system. Terstriep says, “CRM makes coaching much more useful and easier to do because of the access to data. The dashboards make it very easy to review progress and provide specific coaching for individuals.”


In the near future, Hampel Oil will be expanding its use of CRM to include expense reporting and equipment tracking. Terstriep expects both of those additions to have a big positive impact on the efficiency of the business. She said, “We’re really excited to see where it’s going to take us.”

Hampel Oil’s just scratched the surface of what Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas can do for their business. But the good news is that they’ve engaged with Ledgeview Partners to provide support as they continue to expand their use of the system. Terstriep describes the process of working with Ledgeview Partners to implement their CRM system, “Working with Ledgeview was a great experience. They kept us on track the entire time, they were very responsive and very customer oriented. They would take calls whenever we needed them to, regardless of time differences. They treated us the way we try to treat our customers. They did a great job!”

Beyond a great implementation experience, Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas is helping Hampel Oil deepen its relationship with existing customers, and build new ones. Ultimately, it’s about helping this family-owned business do what it does best, and continue its 40-year tradition of providing exceptional customer support and service. According to Terstriep, the system is helping them do just that.

She explains, “Everything was a positive experience. The most important thing is that our territory managers and sales managers are using it, and it’s going to help us grow.”

About the Company

Hampel Oil Distributors, Incorporated began as a family-owned and operated business in 1976, when Al Hampel – who began working for the Standard Oil Company delivering fuel to companies and contracting firms in 1946 – was asked to become an independent distributor for Amoco. Now, with six locations throughout Kansas, four in Oklahoma, three in Texas, as well as locations in Kansas City, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania, Hampel Oil remains to this day a family owned and operated business that is continuing to grow with the times.

The expertise of our employees enables Hampel Oil to be a resource for their customers in this fuel and lubricants industry that changes rapidly.

Hampel Oil’s exemplary Customer Loaned Equipment (CLE) Department offers equipment loan programs; lube vans for construction site bulk lubricant storage, transport and tankwagon delivery and in-house or on-site fuel and lubricant lab services. The CLE Department is geared towards custom-designed equipment for the customer that will make their job easier in production, as well as keeping things going smoothly with easy access by Hampel Oil’s employees in refilling tanks and fixing whatever obstacles may arise. Learn more at www.hampeloil.com.

“We knew if we went to Ledgeview they’d be able to help us more efficiently because of their industry knowledge and their customized CRM product. The dashboards were a big thing to us, and their industry experience put us at ease and made us feel comfortable.”

Staci Terstreip, Marketing Operations Manager, Hampel Oil

“Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas was easy to use and very simple for us. Ledgeview made it very user-friendly.”

Staci Terstreip, Marketing Operations Manager, Hampel Oil

“The savings in time spent pulling information adds up pretty quickly. Not to mention, how much it improves our service to our customers by being able to access that same detailed information on-site and out in the field instantly.”

Staci Terstreip, Marketing Operations Manager, Hampel Oil
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