Salesforce1 is an awesome tool. You can do nearly everything that you do from a laptop from your mobile phone with it. However, the configuration of the app is not quite the same as with the desktop version of Lightning or Classic.

One request we often see is, “How can I hide some of the items in the left menu in the Salesforce1 app?” If your users are separated by Profiles, and they only want to see objects in Salesforce1 that they normally see in the desktop version, then you’re in luck!

First, verify which objects your mobile users need quick access to through a tab. Keep in mind that the visibility of a tab in Classic or menu item in Salesforce1 does not mean that they will not have access to the object, only that they will not have access to the records of that object through the convenience of a tab. They will still be able to view, create, edit and delete records of that object based on their Profile settings, gaining access to individual records through related lists, lookups and reports.

To hide objects from the Salesforce1 menu, and from the tab listing, first locate the Profile you want to edit (Setup | Administer | Manger Users | Profiles).

Next, go into Object Settings. Look for the objects you want to hide and start editing them by changing the Tab Setting to “Hidden”. Keep in mind that the Salesforce1 menu is based on recent object views and frequency.

It will display any object that is not hidden and currently, the order of the menu items is controlled by Salesforce.

Salesforce1 Hide

Once you have cleaned up your tabs, go check your results in the mobile app. Become a minimalist – less is more!

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