How Inside Sales Teams Support Lubricant Marketers

How Inside Sales Teams Support Lubricant Marketers

To remedy common limitations that a typical sales organization in the oil & gas industry faces, first, start with an account pairing model with field sales and inside sales on larger accounts.

This is one of the most effective ways that inside sales teams support lubricant marketers across the nation.

In an account pairing model, the benefits are undeniable.

Customer touches are increased through inside sales in an account pairing model, whether by fielding inquiries through the larger customers, outbound calls, or emails.

This is a great collaborative approach that has been successful for a variety of industries and business types in terms of share of wallet and revenue growth.

Plus, customer bases are retained and even grow as a result through customer referrals of your excellent service.

Inside sales teams can help your field reps with:

  • CRM activities, entries
  • Pricing, promotion, and planning models
  • Field customer calls while field reps are busy traveling (or have a leave of absence) to fill gaps in communication and give larger accounts the attention they need

Collaboratively, inside sales reps can also take over medium-sized accounts entirely for your field reps so they can focus on those larger accounts. This collaborative approach is a great aid to lubricant marketers nationwide.

Inside sales reps are capable of handling more than just those smaller, transactional accounts.

With the oversight of field sales reps, inside sales reps can handle 90-95% of the work that is needed to maintain medium-sized accounts. Outside sales fill the rest of that 5-10% model. Click To Tweet

Learn all about how inside sales reps can work hand-in-hand with outside sales reps to develop territories and keep your entire sales organization happy with your business processes when you read “How Lubricant Marketers Use Inside Sales to Drive New Revenue, Boost Customer Retention, and Improve Lead Generation.”

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