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Lubricant Marketers, are you struggling to find out which of your customers are buying other products from your competitors, and how to get them to switch to you?

You aren’t the first person in the Oil and Gas industry to report this problem, and you probably won’t be the last, but, luckily there is a solution with CRM!

Share of Wallet in CRM, specifically, allows you to look at many things as a Lubricant Marketer. 

When you think of Share of Wallet (SOW), think about how you don’t just want to sell a “piece of your pie”, so to speak, to your customers, but “the whole pie”.

So, while one of your customers may currently be buying fuel from you, but you know they could be buying antifreeze from you too, but aren’t, you can see this information in CRM with Share of Wallet.

More specifically, with Competitor Share of Wallet, you can see who your customers are currently buying the products they could be buying from you, from someone else.

Get ahead of the competition, and stay on top of your customers.

We dive deeper into this topic, which leads to Upselling and Cross-Selling through Suggestive Selling in CRM, in our NEW eBook for the Oil and Gas industry.

With Share of Wallet in CRM, Lubricant Marketers can track opportunities to gain business, see customers are buying from the competition, identify product needs, and more.

Whether you’re talking to an active prospect or current customer as a Lubricant Marketer, you want to know which competitors have your current customers’ business today, and how to give them a one-stop-shop with your business.

Share of Wallet in CRM helps you do this exactly! Discover the benefits when you read “11 Ways Lubricant Marketers are Using CRM to Drive Success”.

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