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Lubricant Marketers, are you struggling to cross-sell and upsell with your current sales techniques, or do you even have an effective process for cross-selling and upselling now?

If you read our blog post, “How Lubricant Marketers Use CRM to Capture Share of Wallet Business”, you know that in order to effectively cross-sell and upsell, you must be aware of what products your clients need, and what they’re currently buying from your competitors, but should be buying from you.

Sales reps with more experience in your Oil and Gas business, or the industry itself, will know if customers are buying ‘x’ from you, then they should be buying ‘y’, but less experienced reps are likely to not be as intuitive. CRM can help with that!

CRM for Oil and Gas at Ledgeview PartnersConsider: Does everyone have access to the knowledge they need to succeed?

If you pause to answer and think about it, the answer is likely no.

When reps or customers transition or there are other internal changes that affect business processes, sometimes information gets lost or misinterpreted, but CRM helps eliminate confusion and keep your selling process efficient and customer information organized and fluid.

By using Suggestive Selling in CRM, Lubricant Marketers are able to get notifications on what products or services they should be selling to customers, but, without CRM, these opportunities are easily missed or ignored.

Lubricant Marketers can easily track beyond 9, to 12 months back with Suggestive Selling, though this is usually the sweet spot for visualization.

Share of Wallet allows Lubricant Marketers to set up notifications and alerts for when customers want to talk about products as well, so though you may have pitched them a product or service now and they say they won’t be ready for it until about a year down the road, you can set notifications to touch base.

Identify where you are lacking in pipeline management with CRM, and improve your tracking methods with Share of Wallet.

If you find it difficult to track customer touchpoints and opportunities and if you find it is preventing you from identifying your share of wallet, CRM will help solve these common Oil and Gas industry hurdles.

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