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Lubricant Marketers, are you struggling to integrate data into your CRM system? Or, are you struggling to make your data come alive? Do you have a CRM system to let all of this happen?

This is a common hurdle Lubricant Marketers face in the Oil and Gas industry, and are unsure how to solve, but let us reassure you – it’s through CRM that you can make your data come alive

We’re guessing if you’re reading this post, you have a lot of data that you don’t know what to do with. That’s okay – CRM can help.

Lubricant Marketers that are leaders in the Oil and Gas industry use CRM to drive growth and create new opportunities. Part of this comes from integrating data.

Seamless and clean data integration is a universal concern for Lubricant Marketers, and, arguably, across industries, but with a one-time data migration into CRM, things get easier, faster.

This approach takes you through the process of loading your data into your CRM solution all at once. After that, you run a process to get updated information into your CRM system nightly.

Everything will be automated, so once you complete this initial step, information is continuously rolled from your accounting (back office) system to an FTP site to your CRM solution.

This systematic approach takes the worry away from Lubricant Marketers who may otherwise struggle with data organization

A simple and systematic one-time approach helps Lubricant Marketers get their fields locked in, so, again, there is only “one version of the truth”. You’ll never have to guess who has the right data – it will all be in CRM, and you can rely on its cleanliness.

You eliminate the guesswork of spreadsheets, documents, or even manual media like binders or sticky notes by having all of your data put in one place that is accessible and updated every day.

If you relate to the struggles expressed in this post, it’s time you look into utilizing Data Integration in CRM to create new opportunities and grow your business.

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