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Lubricant Marketers, do you have a way to manage your sales territories, and map and plan your salespeople’s travel routes to optimize customer interactions and create new opportunities?

Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. We understand the frustration this causes in the Oil and Gas industry, but CRM makes it way less painful and easier to manage territories than before.

Word of mouth isn’t the only solution anymore when it comes to finding new opportunities and selling to new business. It’s not a matter of happenstance or dropping by a customer or potential customer and having things work out.

CRM helps salespeople plan their travel routes, as well as drivers, to optimize customer relationships and create new opportunities.

In CRM, salespeople can identify plot points along a travel route to stop at, check in on current customers, recruit new customers, schedule appointments, etc.

Territory Management in CRM is a wonderful tool for Lubricant Marketers to take advantage of in the modern business climate.

Once you pinpoint locations on your travel route, you will know exactly where to stop and how to maximize your travels. Your sales manager will be very happy you’re taking advantage of this in your CRM system – trust us!

You can also map according to the radius of a lead, so just in case an appointment falls through, for example, your travel time will not have been wasted, nor will your finances.

The potential is vast with Territory Management in CRM.

Here are some Quick Wins:

  • Addressing Appointment Cancellation: With CRM for Oil and Gas, if your client cancelled on you last-minute as you’re about to arrive to their destination, your travels and finances will not have been wasted, as we stated above, because you can map points of interest near the territory to check in on or create new business from while you’re away from your home base.
  • Making the Most of Your Travel Time: If you find you have extra time between appointments, Territory Management will help you optimize your route, and you can stop at the next place according to who appears closest on your map.
  • See More Customers in Fewer Trips: Your sales manager will love it when you take advantage of this aspect of Territory Management in CRM! You won’t be making any more trips to just see one customer, but you can really make the most of your travels with Territory Management by setting several appointments in the same area, maximizing your potential to create new opportunities.

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