CRM for Oil and Gas Ledgeview Partners

Lubricant Marketers, do you currently struggle to see all of the Open Opportunities in your Sales Pipeline?

This is a common struggle in the Oil and Gas industry, so don’t worry, you aren’t the first (or last) organization to report this issue.

With your current way of doing things, you may be missing out on Open Opportunities that could be HUGE wins for you and your team.

In CRM, you can track these Open Opportunities and prevent missed opportunities to stay on track with meeting your sales goals, adhering to your business process, and being industry leaders within the Oil and Gas industry.

With CRM, Lubricant Marketers can see which brands are being pushed to prospects, customers, and leads.

Opportunity Management helps you prioritize with the right deals as a Lubricant Marketer, often with the bigger deals.

In CRM, Lubricant Marketers can also easily identify deals that are stuck by using Opportunity Management.

With Opportunity Management, you can see open opportunity dashboards, and sales managers and owners can see their sales pipeline instead of hounding sales reps for reports day in and day out. CRM makes the whole process easier for everyone.

From a business process perspective, Opportunity Management in CRM ensures Lubricant Marketers are going through all of the steps they should be in their organization’s business process. Again, this prevents opportunities from being missed and also prevents lack of follow-up and follow-through.

Opportunity Management also allows Lubricant Marketers to see their opportunity history, and analyze won and lost opportunities for improvement. When an opportunity has been won, Lubricant Marketers can see what they did right, and when opportunities were lost, they can see what went wrong.

With CRM, Lubricant Marketers get more time and opportunities for NEW opportunities!

Lubricant Marketers especially love the reports and dashboards that come with Opportunity Management, which are easy to absorb and access in just a few clicks. 

CRM gives you a way to easily open charts and shows correlating or segmented data.

With CRM, Lubricant Marketers can expect great opportunities ahead with Opportunity Management.

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