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Lubricant Marketers, do you really know where your equipment is, such as expensive tanks, or do you rely on good word alone to see your equipment loan contracts through?

As Lubricant Marketers, it can be hard to be sure the right product is going in the tanks you loan out and know where those tanks are.

While you want to keep profiting from loaning them out, you also want to be sure contracts are being fulfilled.

Face it – you can’t ever be 100% sure.

Though you have may formerly relied on phone calls with your customers or vocal promises alone, CRM takes things to the next level for Lubricant Marketers to help eliminate the wondering and guessing.

What a relief, right?

Equipment Tracking in CRM lets Lubricant Marketers see who still has their equipment, where it is, what product is going into which tanks, and when their contracts are due to expire or be renewed.

By tying accounts to equipment in CRM via Loaned Equipment Tracking, Lubricant Marketers can record and track which customers have their equipment and the product that is supposed to be in them.

Consider: How much money do you have “out there” (with your tanks) and do you know where your money really is?

For example, in CRM, if an end date record is blank, it may indicate a customer still has the equipment, but their contract has expired and needs to be renewed.

Loaned Equipment Tracking helps Lubricant Marketers identify who is and isn’t meeting their commitments set against their product history.

With Equipment Tracking in CRM, you can get rid of all of the pesky spreadsheets and documents you may currently be using to track loaned equipment and ensure customers are meeting their contract requirements, and see everything you need to know about your equipment in one place.

See who has your equipment, which tanks are where, which products are going into what tanks or not, and more, all with dashboards in CRM that provide easy visualization to Lubricant Marketers.

Lubricant Marketers report fulfilling their ROI based on Equipment Tracking alone.

Are you interested in this advantage of the right CRM solution for the Oil and Gas industry? Take advantage of Equipment Tracking yourself …

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