New Buyer's ExperienceDo you ever think about the parallels of the new buyer’s experience and dating? Hear us out!

Building a relationship with a customer must be a two-way street. These are the basic guidelines for any relationship to last and thrive. Right?

By incorporating push and pull marketing tactics into your 2020 strategy, you keep the customer lifecycle alive and exciting throughout your business and customer’s lifetimes.

Consider this…

Imagine a single person, entering the dating scene, and waiting for their perfect partner to show up. It could happen. There’s a chance the perfect person might walk through the door.

After all, you’re in the right place and have dressed nicely to appease this perfect person. They must be coming your way – you put those vibes into the universe. That’s enough work, right?

Purely relying on luck and karma might not produce the best outcomes. See where we’re going with this?

There’s also a chance you’ll have a wonderful and healthy relationship when you seek out interesting candidates on dating sites, send them messages, and social with your potential love interests in-person.

It’s a pretty basic analogy, but the concept is often overlooked at its core – two ways of communication provide two times the opportunities.

This should be the takeaway for today’s salespeople and marketers alike.

This analogy is especially relevant if you consider/compare the later phases of dating and relationships compared to the modern buyer’s journey.

Much like the way we nurture our personal relationships, when it comes to marketing and the modern consumer (new buyer), we must keep nurturing them and working on them over time so they last.

Outbound marketing supports the concept of keeping you top-of-mind throughout the buyer’s journey.

Remember, just because you’ve attracted new prospects, doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy. The same can be said about a first date. Just because you’ve gotten to the first date with someone or received a flirty message from them, doesn’t mean they’re ready to marry you.

You have to nurture the relationship in both instances.

Salespeople and marketers should nurture prospects and customers with outbound strategies in order to really see the return from outbound marketing tactics.

As it turns out, the new buyer’s experience is a lot like dating if you look at it like this… 

Learn more about the modern buyer’s journey and how to respond to it when you download your complimentary copy of the Ledgeview Partners guide, “How to Define and Respond to the New Buyer’s Journey.”

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