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Are you ready to acquire more email subscribers?

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What business doesn’t want to grow their email list? 

In this Salesforce Trailhead unit, we learn:

  • “Methods that let subscribers opt-in to email messages”
  • and “Analyze the effectiveness of opt-in methods”

There are many ways you can grow your email marketing audience. Salesforce covers the key ways you can…

1. Website Sign-Ups

This is a way to require users to provide their email address before they create an account on your website. Typically, sign-ups increase when there is an incentive.

So, for example, you may offer a complimentary eBook guide or product demo to get them to sign-up, or 10% off your products or services! Whatever makes the most sense for you to build their loyalty and nurture your relationship with them from the get-go.

handsome business man using mobile device

2. Mobile Sign-Ups

If you have a mobile app, you should include a way for users to register for your email newsletters on it.

Alternatively, Salesforce suggests buying mobile app ad space. Think about all of the ads you’ve seen pop up while you’re on your own mobile device! Now imagine your company’s potential when you optimize your reach with relevant mobile ads.

With Facebook Ads, for example, you may automatically place your ads, or choose to have them appear on mobile only. This is a user-friendly way to start with mobile advertising.

3. Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-In

Salesforce explains the difference between single opt-in versus double opt-in as:

  • Single: requires a person to respond only once to opt-in to future sends.
  • Double: requires a person to respond affirmatively and then confirm the affirmative response in order to opt-in to future sends.

Double opt-ins help email marketers ensure the recipient is real. It validates their information is correct.

Salesforce elaborates on examples of each within this unit.

4. Social Media

Many social content promotions may require users to submit their email address. Such as if you are promoting an eBook on LinkedIn and are using a lead generation form.

5. In-Store Offers

Have you ever purchased something at a store and asked if you wanted to submit your email address to be alerted about future deals and promotions? This is an effective way to engage the customer and nurture your brand’s relationship with them.

You may also simply see store signs or flyers that offer the same for SMS (text messaging) campaigns.

Portrait of happy Caucasian female customer service executive looking away while talking on headset in a modern office6. Sales and Customer Service Calls

On sales and customer service calls, this is a great time to verify and/or ask customers for their email address to opt-in to future communications on your business’ services and offers. This adds a human aspect that other venues can’t do as well…

Are you ready to compare your email collection options and learn more about each of these methods to craft your company’s best email marketing strategy to date?

Begin this Salesforce Trailhead module. Once you learn how to acquire new email subscribers, you can advance to the next steps in your email marketing strategy.

Reach out to our Marketing Consultants for help with crafting your email marketing strategy, or our Salesforce Consultants to get the help you need navigating the system and its vast capabilities.

We look forward to helping you reach your email marketing goals!


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