How to Add a Report to a Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

This simple guide will walk you through how to add a Report to a Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

If you’re a user or admin in need of a simple tutorial, you’ve found your key to Report success in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Dashboards.

Start here:

  1. Copy the report URL

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Run the report you would like to put in your dashboard

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Copy the entire URL.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard’s edit screen by going to settings, Customizations

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  1. Then Customize the system Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM  Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  2. Double click on the dashboard you would like to update

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  1. Add an iFrame where you want to add the report Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  2. Create the iFrame
    1. Name it, paste the URL from earlier, make sure that Restrict cross-frame scripting, where supported. Is unchecked, and Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters. Is unchecked. Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM
    2. Click OK.

  3. You may have to increase the Height or Width many times. If you chose a frame that goes all the way across a webpage, then you will not be able to increase the Width. Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  4. Save the Dashboard Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  5. Publish 

Navigate back to the Solution and Publish.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM


Enjoy your new Dashboard!

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