How to Adjust Your Privacy Settings on LinkedIn for Job OpportunitiesAre you struggling to find job opportunities or be recruited on LinkedIn?

Your privacy settings may be aligned with your intentions.

If you are searching for job opportunities, you want to be sure you are visible to recruiters.

Follow these steps to adjust your privacy settings:

  1. To adjust your privacy settings, navigate to the header menu of your LinkedIn profile, and click “Me” (where your tiny profile picture appears if you have one). A dropdown menu will appear.
  2. Click on “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. On the left-hand side of your screen, click on “Job Seeking Preferences.”

From here, you can adjust a variety of job-seeking settings.

Job Application Settings 

If you are hunting for your next great opportunity on LinkedIn, these settings will help you do it easier and more efficiently. When you click “Change,” you will be taken to a separate screen where you can adjust your settings to save your resumes and application answers.

You can also store your contact information, which will be sent to the job recruiter by default when you apply.

Manage old resumes to keep your details up to date, and turn “Save External Application Answers” on if you want LinkedIn to save the information you enter when applying to external jobs directly on LinkedIn.

A full copy of your profile is also included with every application you complete through LinkedIn.

Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Opportunities

This simple toggle switch is very important. It does exactly what it says it does! Improve your visibility when recruiters search LinkedIn for candidates with your career interests.

If you’re in the process of applying to jobs, be sure the toggle is set to “Yes.”

LinkedIn warns that while they take steps to ensure your current company cannot see that you’re open, they cannot guarantee complete privacy.

How to Adjust Your Privacy Settings on LinkedIn for Job OpportunitiesSignal your interest to recruiters at companies you have created job alerts for

This makes following the companies you’re interested in very important if you’re on the job hunt.

When you switch this toggle on to “Yes,” in addition to letting recruiters know you’re open, you create even better, filtered visibility for yourself as opportunities arise.

You can also click on “Manage Job Alerts” and be directed to a separate screen where you can create your own job alerts and filter by job title, company, location, and more. You can determine the frequency of the alerts as well and where they’re sent.

Sharing Your Profile When You Click Apply

If your profile is up to date, you’ll want to switch this toggle to “Yes.” If it’s not updated, we strongly recommend that you update it first following the steps in this LinkedIn profile best practices guide before you turn the toggle on.

This equips recruiters with a (potentially) great first impression of you! It provides a more seamless experience for both parties and potentially eliminates extra steps such as asking for more references if you already have peer endorsements or even a PDF copy of your resume.

Commute Preferences

When you click on commute preferences, you will be redirected to another screen where you can enter your current home address, select how you commute to work, and how long you are willing to commute every morning.

This helps employers decide if you’re within the right proximity if they prefer a local candidate. However, in today’s pandemic times, we are seeing fluctuations. Employers are becoming more flexible on this front, allowing more and more individuals to work fully remotely.

Stored Job Applicant Accounts

This function manages which third party applicant accounts are stored on LinkedIn.

You may have a few or zero. Many employers who are trying to find candidates on LinkedIn create their own portal within the platform, though you may be redirected to some third party career sites.

Whether you have a job and are using these steps to keep your options open as the work climate changes, or are unemployed and on the hunt, we wish you the best in your search!

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