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If you’re looking for a more effective way to provide your customers with a seamless experience in the modern digital era, Salesforce Social Customer Service may be just the ticket.

When you utilize the capabilities of Salesforce Social Customer Service, you can integrate important digital/social networks with the platform to update a customer’s activity profile and keep up to date with the status of their case and interactions more efficiently.

Once you understand what’s possible with Salesforce Social Customer Service, you can begin to dive into the application of it into your business processes.

Great customer service applied through the platform turns into great marketing, too, making the technology cross-departmentally favorable.

More and more customers are turning to social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get their customer service issues resolved, so marketers and customer service reps both must be fluent in addressing needs across channels.

A customer may address their problem, initially, on one platform, and expect follow-up on another. Depending on the size and reach of your organization, this can be a tremendous amount and variation of support tickets.

Salesforce’s Social Studio helps address these concerns and more with Automate features that you can use in combination with your Social Customer Service development strategy.

Automate features you may take advantage of to address customers needs across multiple channels include:

  • Listen to the right conversations
  • Flag and prioritize conversations
  • Classify conversations
  • Tag the source
  • Escalate the conversation, if necessary
  • Assign the post to the appropriate team member

The intelligence and personalization capabilities of the technology will enable the success of your customer service reps, marketers, and organization as a collective.

The biggest takeaways you should be concerned with, addressing what’s possible with Salesforce Social Customer Service and how you can apply its functionality to benefit your business, are:

  • “Great Social Customer Service Becomes Great Marketing” and “Always Listen”.

The customer comes first – without them, where would we be anyway, right?

When you implement and explore Salesforce Social Customer Service, you will realize key benefits. Once you dive in and become familiar with the functionality, you can move to a more advanced level and participate in experiences like …

  • Rewarding advocacy/fans
  • Participating in relevant/core industry discussions
  • Incorporating next-best offers into your social customer service strategy to show you care about your customers
  • Suppressing marketing efforts aimed at customers with open cases as to avoid negative outcomes/associations with your brand
  • Creating service cases based on recommendation requests from custoemrs or negative competitor mentions

Even better, Salesforce Social Customer Service provides you the ability to view reports that measure the effectiveness of your strategies so you can be assured it’s working to your organization’s benefit.

Start measuring the impact of your (amazing) service in sales, marketing, and customer service using Salesforce Social Customer Service in harmony with Salesforce Social Studio. The ecosystem’s vast technologies are better together!

Learn how you can bring your customer experiences closer together and increase customer service rep effectiveness when you complete the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Social Customer Service Strategies.”

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