How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey ResponsesWhen you are using Forms Pro with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the responses you collect will be pushed through as data to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

The data from Forms Pro will be pushed to Dynamics 365 after you enable/install the Microsoft Forms Pro Connector.

To analyze and monitor the Forms Pro responses you receive, follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. Navigate to the Contact List you sent your survey to
  3. Click on a contact’s name to see a summary of their profile. Survey responses may be instantaneously gathered, or take some time to update. This could depend on a number of factors.
  4. It is recommended that before you send a survey that you create a tab for “Surveys” in your contact profiles. Then you can see where the information is coming from and determine whether or not the contact has responded.
    How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses
    In the left-hand navigation of your screen, you should also see a space called “Survey Info,” where you can select from certain surveys to see the response information for the select contact. An admin may need to modify this part of the screen for you, so you can see the different entities that come into Dynamics. This can be completed when you import in the solution from Forms Pro that links the solution with Dynamics 365. Ledgeview’s CRM Support team can also assist with this process.
    How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses
  5. You should see survey activity, including invites and responses, appear under “Surveys” in your contact’s profile.How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses
  6. If you open up one of your responses, for example, you will see high-level information, such as the NPS score, start date of the survey, when the contact completed the survey, and so on.
    How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses
    When you scroll even further down, you can see how the survey looked and what they answered, which serves as a helpful reminder when you’re analyzing this data.
    How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses
    More importantly, you can see the questions, and take your response information to create views, charts, dashboards, etc.
  7. For example, if you go to your first question (0r any question) in your survey, you can create simple charts to see the answers based on the data you’ve collected.
    How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses

There is also the capability to see some survey response information inside of Forms Pro itself.

If you go back to Forms Pro and have Power BI embedded into the technology, you can look at responses, the NPS score, the survey sentiment, and more.

How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses

You can also analyze the data question-by-question, instead of this summary version. Just click on the “Questions” area in your top navigation in this Forms Pro block.

This way, you can see more detailed results by question instead of looking at the survey as a whole.

How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses

This will give you a better understanding of who are your detractors versus promoters, etc.

Now that you know How to Analyze Forms Pro Survey Responses, explore the survey functionality even more.

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