Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Have you been struggling to combine your inbound and outbound marketing efforts to drive success?

Inbound and outbound marketing are strong methods separately, but together they work in harmony to produce more effective outcomes for your organization even better!

While powerful apart, when you integrate both into your overall marketing plan, you will realize some seriously amazing benefits.

To integrate them successfully, we advise these five steps for success.

1. Develop a cohesive marketing strategy

Be sure your message retains your brand voice throughout the length of your prospects’ buying journeys while ensuring the topics and pain points you’re addressing are relevant to individual personas throughout each stage.

2. Track key metrics across the buyer’s journey

Consider metrics like cost-per-lead(s) (CPL) and lead-to-sales or lead-to-opportunity conversion rates. Connect your marketing performance to sales!

With all of the tools and data at our disposal today, there are ample ays to track key metrics and develop refined and enhanced strategies based on the results you gather.

3. Plan your content

Content assets are used to attract prospects to your brand and make a compelling offer to stimulate a response in outbound strategies.

Throughout the execution of your strategies, make sure your sales team has access to your content so messaging is consistent, and they can provide relevant content for some of the discussions they’re having with prospects.

4. Make sure you’re considering the source and activity from inbound leads

Do this before you transition into outbound tactics.

Meet with your sales team to see which accounts from inbound are more than likely ready for a conversation, and nurture and serve retargeting ads to the rest of your prospects to warm them up.

This will really help to align your sales and marketing teams.

5. Develop an integrated mindset

There should be no walls between your inbound and outbound strategies. They both contribute to the new opportunity to attract, convert, and expand your customer relationships.

Now that you know how to combine your inbound and outbound marketing efforts to drive success, learn even more about how to excel at integrating your inbound and outbound marketing strategies in the eBook, “How to Activate Your Dual Powered Marketing.”

Get expert insight, best practices, use case scenarios, tips for integration and measuring, and get to know more about the new buyer’s journey.

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