How to Create a Survey in Forms Pro

How to Create a Survey in Forms Pro

Forms Pro is a survey tool from Microsoft that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It has replaced Voice of the Customer, which Microsoft deprecated this July.

If you are looking for a new survey functionality to replace Voice of the Customer (VoC) or are new to survey functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Office 365, Forms Pro answers common business challenges and desires you may have with surveys.

Forms Pro helps you to keep connecting with your customers, automate processes, integrate data, spread brand awareness, and more.

Once you’ve implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365, Forms Pro comes with your licensing package, starting at 2,000 responses per month. Additional responses can be purchased.

To get started with creating your first survey (form) in Forms Pro through Microsoft Dynamics 365, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics 365
    How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

  2. Navigate to the Applications menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and click on it. A dropdown menu will appear. Search “All Apps” if “Forms” does not appear. Scroll until you see “Forms” and click on it. (You likely will not have to scroll.)
    How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

  3. Click on “New Form”
    How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

  4. Fill out the form with your title and questions
    Create a Survey with Forms Pro

    • Customize your survey to fit your brand’s theme. For example, you may use company-specific graphics in the “themes” option or a brand color palette to promote your business image. Below is a mock survey of something we could do at Ledgeview to get you thinking of your own:
      How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro
    • Be sure to turn on “Required” for each question that you need an answer to or select “multiple answers” if they are allowed. You may do a test survey to start and send it to your team before you send it to all of your customers.

  5. Click on the three ellipses in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, below your profile icon. A dropdown menu will appear. Click “Settings.”
    How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

    • In Settings you will decide, who can fill out this form, select options for a response (such as Start Date, End Date, Shuffle Questions, Accept Responses, and Customize thank you message), and determine Notification settings:
      • Select Email Receipt to respondents
      • Get Email Notification of each response
        How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

  6. Go back to the ellipses and click “Multilingual” if you would like to set multilingual preferences for your survey.
    how to create a survey with forms pro

  7. When you feel good about how you’ve customized your survey and determined your settings, click “Preview” to see how your survey will appear in desktop and mobile modes. You can toggle between these using the top menu bar.
    How to Create a Survey with Forms ProHow to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

  8. If you’re happy with the preview, click “Back” and then “Share.” (But, before you move on to “Share,” edit your form if necessary. You can simply click in the fields you want to edit or navigate back to the “Theme” editor if need be.) When you’re happy, click “Share.”
    1. Select whether or not you only want people in your organization to respond or anyone to respond.
    2. Use the link, create a QR code, copy the embed code, or send an email to distribute your survey.
    3. You may also select to “Share as a template” to use again in the future. So, for example, if we used this survey at Ledgeview and altered it for sales, customer service, or CRM focuses instead. We may call this “Favorite eBooks Survey” as a template.
    4. Or, you may share the survey to collaborate, if you want someone else on your team to be able to revise the questions or add to the survey, for example.
      How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

  9. For this example, I will (mock) email it. You may have already created an email list for this template, or you may take the link to your marketing automation system. There are a lot of possibilities here. You may also create a live page on your website and invite your customers to fill out the survey in real-time. You could even gamify it to drive traffic and collect responses from your desired audience (as shown in the example screenshot above). You can use Forms Pro in many ways and use it to serve many purposes for your brand!
    How to Create a Survey with Forms Pro

That’s it – you’re done!

Now that you know how to create a survey with Forms Pro, explore it even more in-depth. 

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