How to Embed a Website into a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboard

For today’s tip, we will show how you can embed a frequently used website into a Microsoft Dynamics dashboard.

This can be very useful if there is a webpage your team uses on a consistent basis. Please note that occasionally a website will not work effectively on a certain browser, so you may need to try different browsers if you run into an error.

Follow these steps to embed a website into a Dynamics 365 dashboard:

  1. Copy the URL of the website you want to be displayed inside of the dashboard.
  2. Open the edit screen of the dashboard where you want this website displayed.
  3. From the “gear” icon, navigate to Advanced Settings > Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Dashboards
    How to Embed a Website into a Dynamics Dashboard
  4. Select the Dashboard where you want the link to appear and open it for editing.  Make sure you have the ability to add at least one more pane to the Dashboard.
  5. Add an iFrame where you want to add the website link on the dashboard.
    How to Embed a Website into a Dynamics Dashboard
  6. Name the website, enter the URL, and make sure that Restrict cross-frame scripting, where supported is unchecked.  Ensure pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters are unchecked.
  7. Click “OK.”
  8. Expand the Height and Width of the frame as necessary. You may have to increase the Height or Width many times. If you chose a frame that goes all of the ways across a webpage, then you will not be able to increase the Width.
    How to Embed a Website into a Dynamics Dashboard
  9. Save the Dashboard.
  10. Navigate back and Publish. You will now be able to see your new Dynamics dashboard!
    How to Embed a Website into a Dynamics Dashboard

Next time you create a new contact record, select an account, and hit “Save the Address,” information should populate.

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