Varna, Bulgaria - May 23, 2017: Twitter on the Apple MacBook Pro, Twitter app on iPad Pro, Twitter splash screen with logo on iPhone 7 and Twitter notification icon on Apple Watch. Office desk conceptIn November 2019, Twitter introduced “topics” to its users.

Prior to this update, users were only able to follow accounts. Now, they can follow conversations around certain topics. Topic suggestions may appear on a user’s timeline or in the search functionality.

Twitter will suggest topics for you to follow based on your user profile and behavior.

When you follow a topic, Twitter says, you will see more filtered content appear in your timeline, whether it is coming from a popular band, celebrity, sports team, brand, influencer, or someone else.

To follow topics, complete these easy steps using Twitter’s desktop interface.

1. Login to Twitter

2. Click “Explore” on the left hand corner of your screen, below the Twitter icon

3. Click “For You”, below the Twitter Search bar

4. You will see a variety of trending topics that are relevant to your user profile. Scroll to the bottom until you see “Follow Topics.”

5. Click on “Follow Some Topics.” A pop-up menu will appear with a variety of categories. Click through the categories and start following! You will see your Twitter feed become tailored accordingly.


That’s it!

Learn more about Twitter topics in the latest update from Twitter (Jan. 31, 2020) on the Twitter Blog.

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