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Is your goal as a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Admin to get your CRM Users to go directly to the Unified Interface and avoid the standard browser default?

As an admin, you are able to make a separate URL to set this up, and then have CRM Users follow the link you create so that their software experience is consistent throughout devices.

If your goal is to get them to have a unified experience across their devices to avoid the standard experience, follow these steps.

1. To get the App URL, open the Dynamics application.

2. Go to Settings > My Apps
Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

3. Under Published Apps > (Your App) > Click “…”, then Click “Manage Roles”

MSDyn365 LVP

4. Expand the App URL Suffix tab and enter a simple name

MSDyn365 LVP

4. Click on the copy icon to copy the URL you have created

5. Share this URL with your Users

6. Next, expand the Roles to select security roles for CRM users who should access the Unified Interface

microsoft dynamics 365/CRM LVP

7. Save when you are done

After you have created this URL and shared it with the Users, it will take them directly to your App. Keep in mind, the name of your App must be unique in order for it to populate according to the name you have specified.

There are some obvious pros of the Unified Interface that launched with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM’s V9 Upgrade.

The primary benefit is that the user experience across all devices is the same. If this is not done, users will see something different when on mobile devices vs. browsers.

If you’re familiar with the Interactive Service Hub, you will feel more accustomed to the Unified User Interface in V9. Unlike the hub, the Unified Interface has a lot more enhancements and capabilities.

You can learn more about the benefits of the Unified Interface, including enhancements to the Navigation Bar, Dashboards, Forms, Timelines, Email, Business Process Flows and more here.

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