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Are you struggling to identify the most effective marketing automation solution airing for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment?

Whether you’re new to marketing automation and CRM, or have a lot of experience, the selection process for new technology can be a daunting task.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start, it’s best to begin in a place of analysis.

Consider: What does your organization need and want from a marketing automation solution to pair with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment? What does your organization need to thrive?

These are just the first considerations. In order to select the best marketing automation solution, you first should have a firm grasp on the concept of marketing automation itself.

What is marketing automation? Today, we often think of marketing automation as a software platform or technology that is designed for marketers and organizations to help them more effectively marketing on multiple channels and automate tasks.

Marketing automation isn’t just for marketers. The right solution should benefit your organization as a collective, with clear benefits to sales and customer service teams.

So, to know what you and your team want and need from a marketing automation solution, you may ask yourselves: “How can I effectively marketing on multiple channels?” OR “What is my organization lacking that disables me from effectively marketing on multiple channels today?”

You may ask: “What tasks can become automated for my team to create more efficiencies and increase the pace of my team members’ workflows?”

You may need a system that offers more multi-channel integrations with other software outside of Dynamics 365 and marketing automation.

You may want a solution that offers social publishing automation capabilities to reduce the need for your team to move back and forth between platforms and browser windows.

You may want email nurture campaigns to seed automatically based on consumer behaviors.

There is certainly a lot to consider, but don’t worry – take a deep breath.

Marketing automation is meant to increase efficiencies and make things easier for your team, not the opposite.

Once you and your team have carefully considered what you want and need from a marketing automation solution to pair with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, you can begin to dive deeper into what it means to conduct a thorough business analysis to find the right pairing for you!

In this new eBook from Ledgeview Partners and ClickDimensions, we answer 8 questions to help set you on the path to success with marketing automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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