Keep Your Team Engaged in the Contact CenterCustomer service managers, are you ready to keep your team engaged in the contact center?

In the first Salesforce Trailhead unit of this module that we’ll recap in today’s blog, we learn all about how to keep our teams engaged in the contact center by:

  • Defining team engagement in the context of the contact center
  • Discussing the benefits of an engaged team
  • And identifying various ways to foster better team engagement

First, Salesforce addresses the realities of a contact center. Let’s be real, “contact centers demand a lot from their agents.” After all, they are often the first point of contact for companies with customers.

Customer service agents deal with a range of concerns and requests. Customers may be extremely frustrated at times, which means the job of a customer service rep is often challenging and sometimes stressful.

So, what’s the key to contact center success?

As a customer service manager, you know how important it is to help your team members develop their skill sets, but because there is such a focus on this aspect, team engagement can sometimes fall to the wayside.

To bring out team engagement, Salesforce says you need a strong culture, collaborations, and transparency. Team engagement should be fun! Salesforce says the main thing to keep in mind is that “by engaging effectively and consistently… managers will not only see an uptick in key metrics but also develop a happier and more productive workforce.”

Culture-building takes time. Most times, culture is something that comes with the job and is always evolving. It also has the ability to change with its people. People create culture as much as culture shapes people.

To shape an uplifting culture, Salesforce encourages customer service managers and companies to practice the following:

  • Show appreciation
  • Empower customer service agents to make decisions when dealing with challenges
  • Provide a good work/life balance to customer service agents so that they don’t become overwhelmed
  • Provide opportunities for growth and personal development

Collaborations happen when customer service reps are given the appropriate training and support. This training and support may come from each other (more seasoned reps training newer reps) or management.

Transparency is a feeling that customer service reps have when they are “invested in the success of an organization.” To build this connection, Salesforce says we need to look at organizational health.

To be transparent, managers should openly share goals, inspire trust, and enable employees to understand the business as an entirety.

Are you ready to keep your team engaged in the contact center, and create the best culture, collaborations, and transparency for your reps?

Start the unit yourself here to get all of the details and tips from Salesforce on developing this programming.

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