Leverage LinkedIn Events for Business Pages

To leverage events for LinkedIn Business Pages, your sales and marketing teams need to be on the same page about the process and purpose of utilizing this feature. Come to a consensus on the business value of utilizing this before you dive-in without a clear strategy.

This new functionality is poised to be a game-changer for the B2B social networking space!

Its capabilities offer serious potential in terms of having more personalized and engaging conversations with LinkedIn connections.

It’s not just companies that can create events, but individuals can too. For freelancers or entrepreneurs, creating events as an individual might make sense, but for businesses and organizations, it’s best to leverage events for LinkedIn Business Pages.

First, let’s cover the technical side. Here are the steps you need to take to create an event using your LinkedIn Company Page:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account, and then navigate to your Company Page
  2. Click on “Admin Tools” in the upper right-hand corner of your page – a dropdown menu will appear
    How to Leverage LinkedIn Events for Business Pages
  3. Click “Create an Event” in the dropdown menu
    How to Leverage LinkedIn Events for Business Pages
  4. Fill in the event details…
    • Create a web-friendly event banner that has a 4:1 aspect ratio
    • The organizer is not editable – for example, if this were a collaborative webinar, you might invite your business partner – by default, this will appear as your company name
    • Use your company logo for the profile picture (recommended)
    • Name your event
    • Add a broadcast link
    • Add time and date (multiple dates are not currently a feature)
    • Select your time zone
    • Add an event description (keep it short, sweet, and to-the-point)
    • Add a ticketing website (if applicable)
    • Choose “public” event, which expands your audience past your own connections, or “private” event, which limits it only to connections you invite (you may select private so that competitors don’t have clear visibility)
      How to Leverage LinkedIn Events for Business Pages
  5. Once you’re ready, click “Create”
  6. After you click “Create,” you’ll be taken to the event page and can start sharing it as posts to your company or an individual account and invite your connections to attend

If you’re familiar with Facebook events, LinkedIn events offer a lot of the same functionality, but the network is what makes it more attractive for today’s B2B salespeople and marketers.

LinkedIn has been coined over the years as the social network for professionals.

Once marketers go through the process of creating events, salespeople can leverage events on your LinkedIn company page to send invitations to their contacts directly.

How to Leverage Events for LinkedIn Business Pages

So, let’s say we had an upcoming webinar called, “How to Leverage CRM for Manufacturing.” Marketing would go into LinkedIn, follow the aforementioned steps, and then alert the sales team that this event was created.

Anyone can send invitations on your LinkedIn events from your company page. (Therefore, invitees may act as a reference too.)

Sales would then go to this link, click “invite,” and filter their contacts. For this example, they would filter by industry, but there are other filtering types available such as company name, company size, etc.) and start inviting relevant leads, prospects, and customers. This sort of interaction creates an element of personalization that email campaigns might not be able to deliver with the same gusto.

While email marketing is still very effective in today’s marketplace, this is another important step for salespeople to take, especially if webinars and videos are a heavy part of your marketing strategy. Webinars provide clear visibility into your organization’s expertise, passions, and culture.

There is a sense of trust clients have established by working directly with their sales reps (or account managers, who can use LinkedIn Page Events in the same way to discover new opportunities with existing accounts/customers). When contacts know a familiar face or name, they are more likely to engage and respond.

People are what make customer relationships strong.

On the invitee’s side, invitations to webinars appear the same as connection invitations. So, when attendees log in to LinkedIn next, they will see webinar invitations under “My Network,” and be able to accept the invitation or reject it.

Salespeople can also establish a follow-up process with this. If the attendee accepts the invitation, sales reps can start a conversation with the account via LinkedIn messaging to remain consistent with the platform and not confuse accounts about where invitations came from (such as if you followed up via email instead).

They may start a dialogue with openers like:

How to Leverage Events for LinkedIn Business Pages“Hi (Contact Name), I’m so glad that you’ll be joining us for this upcoming webinar. I wanted to check in today to ensure that you have completed all of the sign-up steps so that you don’t miss any of the great pieces of insight in this presentation. Looking forward to hearing from you! (Sales Rep Name).”


“Hi (Contact Name), I see that you accepted my invitation to attend the upcoming webinar, ‘How to Leverage CRM for Manufacturing’ – how wonderful! What are your current goals with CRM? I’d love to learn more about your current state and needs. Looking forward to hearing from you. (Sales Rep Name).”

These are just some examples to revise and build off of! You know your voice and your brand’s voice best – use it in your communications and interactions.

Find a flow or process with LinkedIn Events that works for your organization. If your audience is not on LinkedIn, of course, you will need to pivot to other networks. You don’t want to waste time where your audience isn’t.

In the B2B space, LinkedIn makes a lot of sense for cultivating customer relationships, but might not carry the same fervor with B2C.

Are you looking for more effective ways to leverage events for LinkedIn Business Pages, build your social media presence, increase personalization, or come up with new sales and marketing alignment process flows?

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