How to Mirror Your Marketing Automation System to Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Marketing AutomationApproach your marketing automation system the same way you approach your marketing strategy.

When creating a marketing strategy for the fiscal year, you and your team define what audiences you are targeting, and what strategy you will deploy to reach those target audiences.

You have a select set of tools, but the core marketing principles still apply.

In order to hone in on marketing automation the same way you do with your marketing strategy, it is crucial you lay out and have an awareness of the customer journey.

The core key steps in the customer journey always will include awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty.

During each of these stages, it is important you identify what the customer is looking for through each step. Consider what information is relevant to them and how it will help them get to the next step.

Depending on what stage the customer is in, you may be talking to them in different ways, sometimes from different platforms.

Though the specific process is conditional to the work environment or project, the core ideas and goals are relevant across the marketing industry and digital technology boards.

Understanding all of this information about your marketing strategy will be crucial to successfully implementing your marketing automation system.

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Harnessing the Power of Marketing Automation

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