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The October 2019 Wave 2 Release from Microsoft Dynamics 365 will roll out to all users starting on Oct. 1, 2019, based on country and region. If you’ve yet to be informed of when the release will go into effect for your organization, contact Microsoft Dynamics 365 support, your system admin, or consulting partner for clarification.

As of Aug. 2, 2019, the release became available for early access viewing. To view the release ahead of time, and opt-in early, Microsoft shares a few simple steps (and important warning) with users (below).

Microsoft says you can opt-in to the updates in the Power Platform Admin center. Once you opt-in, it will enable all changed user experience updates for Micrsoft Dynamcis 365 for Customer Engagement. Microsoft reminds this will be enabled by default to everyone starting in 2019 release wave 2.

New features will be released from Oct. 2019, to March 2020. Microsoft shares their rollout plan with a simple graphic (below).

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Screenshot Courtesy of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The official release schedule, which includes important user impacting feature notes, can be viewed here.

By enabling trial and Sandbox environments for the 2019 Wave 2 release, you will have the flexibility to explore new features and adopt them with more confidence and ease before the rollout begins.

To enable the release ahead of time, follow these simple steps …

  • Visit the Power Platform Admin Center
  • Select the environment you want to enable for the 2019 Wave 2 Release Updates 
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Microsoft strongly recommends that all users create a copy of their Production environments as Sandbox environments to try out the 2019 Wave 2 release updates, because once you enable it, you can’t turn it off. This makes it necessary to test it first in a Sandbox environment before enabling it in a Product environment. Updates will impact all of your users. Testing in a Sandbox environment first will help retain user confidence, trust, and peace of mind with the release.
  • Select “Manage”
  • Select “Update now” to activate the 2019 release wave 2 updates and proceed through confirmation dialogs

Once you confirm, the 2019 Wave 2 release will be activated for the Dynamics 365 platform, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub, and Marketing.

To verify that the release has been enabled, if you’re unsure, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > About
    • In both the Unified Interface and web client interface, you should see a line of text that says, “2019 release wave 2 enabled” – if not, the release has yet to be enabled, and you may require additional help or troubleshooting from Microsoft or your CRM partner

Microsoft shares there are three kinds of functionalites with the 2019 Wave 2 release, as like with others. To explore and understand what updates you will get by opting in early, learn how to check the status of your updates and troubleshoot, and get answers to more questions regarding the 2019 Wave 2 release, click here.

In addition, get answers to some of the most FAQs from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user community here, including:

  • “Why should I opt-in and test the features ahead of time?”
  • “How do I enable early access features in an environment?”
  • “Which environments do I use for previewing the features?”
  • “What features and experiences are available for early access?”
  • “How do I report bugs in early access features?”
  • “What happens to these preview features in October 2019?”
  • “How will the features in early access be deployed in production?”
  • “Will the 2019 release wave 2 be applicable to on-premises?”
  • “How does Microsoft ensure the reliability of these features?”
  • and … “If I have more questions or feedback, where can I post them?”

By taking the right steps to prepare for the release, you will prepare to win with the exciting updates that come with it!

Get the release details straight from Microsoft – download your PDF copy of the release notes to learn everything you need to about the 2019 Wave 2 Release.

If you would like more assistance transforming your business with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365contact Ledgeview for support.

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