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Have you reached the point in creating your sales process where you’re ready to overlay it with your customer journey?

Ledgeview has several other posts that precede this topic to help you create the most effective sales process you can within your organization.

So, if you feel you’re not ready to learn about this step, we suggest looking back before you read on. Use the keyword “sales process” as you search.

When you’re ready, for this step, you are working to create alignment while focusing on the customer journey.

Carefully consider these steps as you plan:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • and Loyalty

Do these terms sound familiar?

Think about the last time you went to purchase a product or service as a consumer.

First, you recognized or had an awareness of a need for a certain product or service. As a result, you begin to research product or companies to fulfill this need.

Once you develop your research, you move into the consideration stage. You consider: Who or what will offer me this product or service?

After that, you move into the conversion stage, where you decide on a company or person to help fulfill this need or get this product based on the criteria you have decided are important to you, whether your decision is based on reputable customer service, a clear brand affiliation, or cost-effectiveness, or a combination of these and others.

If you like the product or organization you buy from, you begin to establish loyalty and re-purchase from them.

Once you’ve laid out the framework for your customer journey, and identified exactly what steps they go through to become loyal to you, you can lay out the framework for your sales process to improve its effectiveness.

Here’s how things may line up for your organization …

  • Awareness — Prospecting
  • Consideration — Qualifying
  • Conversion — Proposing
  • Loyalty — Closing

While these are good examples, it’s important to keep in mind and use them as a template for creating your own most effective sales process.

No two sales processes will be the same, because no two organizations are the same.

Learn more about what it takes to develop your sales process and stages to reflect the customer journey when you read Ledgeview’s new eBook, “Creating a Consistent Sales Process that Drives Results”.

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