How to Prepare for Salesforce Social Customer ServiceOnce you’ve started to explore the possibilities of Salesforce Social Customer Service and have taken an interest in it, you need to know how to prepare for Social Customer Service!

Social Customer Service is a great tool for a variety of organizations and industries, but in order to be successful with it, we must plan and prepare appropriately.

In this unit from Salesforce Trailhead that we’re recapping, we learn how to prepare for Social Customer Service. Salesforce walks us through:

  • Beginning the planning process for Social Customer Service
  • Exploring different Social Customer Service implementation paths

In order to decide on the best Social Customer Service implementation path for your organization, you should always consult your Salesforce administrator. They can help you answer these important questions that will help guide your success with the tool…

Questions you should ask yourselves include:

Q: What social platforms do we want to use to engage with customers?

Decide which platforms are most important to your customers – what platforms are you already using? What does your future marketing plan look like? What is your six-month marketing vision, or year-out vision?

Q: Do we have two or more social accounts for our company?

AKA – do you have more than one social platform you are currently using or want to use? What social networks are you mastering to best engage your customers?

Q: Who will have control over these accounts? (What departments?)

Though it’s called Social Customer Service, it helps customer service, sales, and marketing alike. Decide who will have control over your social media presence and what functionality they’ll have with it. Is your primary reason for entering the social media space to handle customer service requests? Create a clear brand voice? Attract new leads? All of the above?

Q: Do you want customers’ social posts to automatically create new cases for your customer service team?

If the account is just for sales or marketing, this probably wouldn’t make sense, but if you have an account that is solely designed for your service team such as on Twitter “@CompanyNameSupport”, then this would make sense!

These are just some of the many questions that you should ask yourselves before you implement Social Customer Service. To determine what’s best for you, consult your CRM partner or system admin.

It’s very important that you conduct a thorough business analysis before you implement any tool so that you don’t miss any important processes, plans, or strategies.

Salesforce also reminds users that “it’s useful to review its limits to know which implementation path is best for your org.” The two paths you can take include:

  1. Social Customer Service Starter Pack
  2. Social Studio or Social Service Pro Add-on

Instagram and YouTube are not a part of the starter pack at this time, but this is subject to change based on customer needs.

Learn all about how to prepare for Salesforce Social Customer Service when you start the unit here.

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