How to Prepare for the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM April 2019 Release

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

The April 2019 Release from Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM will be here before we all know it!

Microsoft reports that starting on February 1, 2019, you can begin to preview the features coming in April 2019 in your system for general availability.

To prepare, we suggest following these steps:

1. If you have a Sandbox environment as a copy for your Production environment, you can enable the April 2019 release by opting-in for your Sandbox environment.

If not, Microsoft advises that you create a copy of your Production environment into your Sandbox environment.

2. Once you enable the April 2019 release opt-in for your Sandbox environment, your next concern will be with Customer Engagement Apps, such as Sales, Service, and Marketing that are installed within your environment.

If they are not installed, upgrade them to the April 2019 release now. If they are not, verify your business apps and processes coordinate with the April 2019 release updates before installing.

3. If you find issues with your production environment at this time, report to MSFT via a support ticket or through community forums.

Once issues are resolved and features are working as expected in your Sandbox environment, you can move onto customizations.

Update customizations and prepare for internal readiness and change management at this step.

With any release, it is crucial to prepare and account for adjustments to your processes that may inevitably occur as a result of upgrading.

4. Finally, it will be time to apply the April 2019 release updates to your production environment after April 5, 2019.

If you continue to find issues occurring, report them to MSFT via a support ticket or through community forums, as advised above.

Once issues are resolved, you will have successfully enabled April 2019 updates.

Congratulations, and enjoy the upgrade!

Do you have remaining questions or concerns in anticipation of the April 2019 release? Reach out to Ledgeview for help! Our experts are happy to help and advise.

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