How to Qualify a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Qualify a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365

When qualifying a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, you may not want to always create a new account or a contact.

With Dynamics CRM, you have a few out-of-the-box options to provide users with some flexibility in this area.

The first of these is to populate the fields for an existing Contact and/or an existing Account.

Having a value in these fields will prevent a new Contact and/or a new account from being created when Qualifying the Lead.

But, let’s say that you have a Lead entered in CRM, and the Lead only has a contact name and some basic information about the topic.

There is no existing account or existing contact that the newly created opportunity should be associated with.

Your CRM Lead form is configured to only require a Topic be entered.  The form may look something like this:

How to Qualify a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Qualify a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365

If the Lead form only contained this data, when selecting Qualify, CRM would create a new Contact called Sammy Smithson and create a new Opportunity with a Topic of “Possible product interest” with Sammy Smithson associated to the new Opportunity.

Because the Company field is left blank, a new Account record is not created in CRM.

The resulting Opportunity record would look something like the following:

How to Qualify a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Company field is the only of these three fields that work like this.

If you don’t want to create a Contact, you will need to associate the Lead to an existing Contact in CRM. And, an Opportunity will always be created regardless of which fields are populated on the Lead.

In fact, if you did not fill out a single field on the Lead form (assuming no fields were set to be required), and Qualified that Lead, you would create a new Opportunity with no information associated to a new Contact that also has no information.

Of course, you can use workflows to adjust these situations as required – e.g. if you never want an Opportunity to be created from a Qualified Lead you could write a workflow to delete the Opportunity on creation (checking to make sure the Originating Lead has a value).

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