Customers frequently want to use the Stakeholders or Sales Team sub-grids that are on the Lead and Opportunity forms to indicate variously related records, but usually, want to customize the Roles that are available.

Unfortunately, simply deleting these roles from the system can cause all sorts of issues with out of the box functionality.

So, the following is a way to safely remove a role from the available roles list for the Stakeholders and Sales Team sub-grids on the Opportunity and Lead forms.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

A few reminders/warnings:

  • Do not delete out of the box connection roles.
  • Deactivating a connection does not remove it from the Role drop-down on a form
  • You can add as many new connection roles as you want. This should not cause any issue.

The only safe way to remove a role from the STAKEHOLDERS or SALES TEAM role drop-down on the lead and Opportunity is to change the role’s category.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Business Management and click on Connection Roles

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

  1. Open the role you want to remove
  2. Change the role’s Connection Role Category to “Other”.

CRM Quick Tips and Tricks

  1. Save and Close the Connection Role window.

There you go! You’ve done it. Easy, right?

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